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My $30 dent repair story.
Other day when I opened my car door to get out on the nearby gas station. I was lazy and barely held the car door when the wind took it away and smashed it against the metal bar near the petrol station. Oh yea, the result was a real heartbreaker dent. Spent a whole week trying to ignore it but it kept pushing its way into my mind. So, when came the next weekend, I took it to a reliable mechanic. The guy looked at it, smiled, and quoted only $1. 5k.
I thought ok. My regular mechanic has gone rogue. I decided to take it to a rival mechanic, but the price direction was not down. Then I took it to another yes mechanic and went down a price went down couple only by a couple of hundred dollars.
My $50k fully loaded car was suddenly giving me headache. I left it alone at my own peril because it hurt every time, I saw it. Then I came across a solution and just spent under $30 to get the dent myself in five minutes. This tool is IMT 6″ Suction Cup Vacuum Lifter, T-Handle Pump Active Glass Lifting Tool with Concave Plate for Flat/Curved Surface.
This tool brought smile on my face within few minutes of receiving it. You simply put on the dent, pull it and dent is gone. It simply works. This tool is powerful. I took it to few experts and discussed it in detail.
Found great reviews for it from some mechanics who were very proud of their toys.
I must say it is awesome but still has some issues. Firstly, do not push too hard. Always use a kitchen towel or microfiber cloth, wrapped around the handle, for more leverage. It takes some getting used to using it expertly. Its suction is superb, but it must be kept in indoors, and do not leave it in your automotive to bake in sun or you will lose the suction. It is not ideal for bigger and super bad dents.
It is worth a try and a great purchase. $30 dollars could save you well over $1k. You can buy from https://dealjingo.com/…/imt-6-suction-cup-vacuum-lifter/

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